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The Benefits of Internet Alarm Monitoring

For years the standard communication method for household alarm systems was the traditional landline phone. This is quickly changing thanks to advancements in internet and GSM technology, which provide a faster and more complete communications that can also save money.

Using internet monitoring for your alarm services has many benefits:

  • Fast and automatic notification services
  • Savings from your current bill
  • Improved safety and protection for you and your belongings
  • Reliable and constant monitoring
  • Increased peace of mind

Speed is of the Essence

Monitoring your alarm system via the internet ensures that you have a fast notification service in the case of something going wrong in your house. Quicker notification means potentially more lives and property saved. Your provider will monitor your system as frequently as every five minutes. And because internet monitoring allows you to choose a primary and secondary monitoring path, if your internet goes down, your secondary method (GSM) will immediately take over as opposed to having a technician visiting to fix a phone line.

Save Money on Your Bill

Using internet monitoring is cost effective. This method can help cut your bills significantly because it does not use as many resources as a home phone line due to low equipment costs and network rates. If your internet connection ever fails, you will be instantly alerted via your mobile device that your internet monitoring is down. This is a feature that cannot be provided through a traditional phone line.

Improved Safety for You and Your Home

While older security systems using phone lines can only send and receive alarm signals, internet monitoring allows for more detailed reports that include information such as your system’s battery levels, whether it is on or off and supervisory signals. This type of full event reporting is easily accessible online or via your mobile device.

Reliable Monitoring That Is Always On

Internet monitoring services are less susceptible to power outages and line cuts. Some burglars know how to disable a landline based alarm. But choosing one of our services ensures an internet connection that grants constant connectivity between your system and our central station in Atlanta GA. It is difficult for a monitoring service to know if a phone line has been disabled, but using the internet means any problems with your network are detected as soon as they happen.

Alarm Monitoring Means Peace of Mind

With internet monitoring service, you‘re assured of constant monitoring for your house, multiple monitoring options, as well as fast and reliable methods of communication if something goes wrong. The speeds with which messages are received ensure that help will arrive quicker in the event of an emergency. You can also keep an eye on the system yourself via updates to your mobile device or via the internet.

Total Connect Options for Accessing and Operating Your System Remotely


  • Universal Keychain Remote – compatible with most security systems
  • Four billion hopping codes that never repeat – providing you with the most secure access to your home
  • Arm/Disarm – the simple press of a single button will give you control of your system in the “AWAY” or “STAY” modes
  • Panic Button – just press the top two buttons to trigger the alarm system and alert the Central Station
  • Garage Door – easily open and close garage doors via our secure remote

Internet monitoring technology means improved communication rates as well as cost savings. Talk to the security professionals at Actio to learn how it can help protect you.

The Actio Advantage

  • Rates start at $18 per month with no long term contracts.
  • We use non-proprietary systems so you are not locked into our services.
  • Home telephone connection not needed with our wireless monitoring services.
  • When you call us you will talk to a real person. We do not use automated automated call or voicemail systems.
  • We've serviced the Atlanta area for over 45 years, with three generations of history.
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