Senior Safety Tips

No matter who you are, home security is important. This is especially true, though, if you are a senior. Elderly homeowners may be more vulnerable to home burglaries and attacks. They are often seen as easier prey and targeted by criminals. A home security system can provide a certain amount of safety and security for seniors. It can also help them to remain independent and live at home for a longer amount of time. Even with a home security system, seniors should follow these tips for additional safety. 

1. Lock all windows and doors.

You need to lock all of the windows and doors, whether you are at home or not. All it takes is one unlocked door or window for a burglar to gain access to your home easily.

2. Keep a phone nearby, and bring it with you.

In case there is an emergency, you should always have a phone that is easily accessible. If there is a burglar or you have a medical emergency, you could need it right away. Also, take your phone with you when you walk upstairs or answer the door. 

3. Don’t leave a spare key in an accessible hiding place. 

Burglars are able to quickly find keys that are hidden outside the front door. Instead of hiding a key, leave one with a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor. 

4. Get to know your neighbors. 

Be friendly enough with your neighbors that they can keep an eye on things if they need to when you aren’t at home. You’ll also have an extra set of eyes on the house should anything go array. 

5. Get a safe for valuables.

Keep your valuables (such as family heirlooms or jewelry) inside a safe. This is also a good place for important documents or papers. Only share the combination or keys with those you trust. 

These are just a few tips to help enhance your safety as a senior. The most important way to be safe, though, is to install a home security system.

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