• 4 Common Home Security Mistakes
    We’re all human. No one’s perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. These have become everyday sayings that we constantly have to remind ourselves of.  So you forget to put deodorant on or you accidentally leave behind the milk at the grocery store or ...
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  • What You Should Do if a Burglary Happens in Your Neighborhood
    In the United States, a home burglary happens every 26 seconds, according to the FBI. That adds up to over 3,300 burglaries per day. No wonder this is the property crime most people are concerned about. So what do you ...
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  • Home Security for Pet Owners
    If you have pets, you might think finding a home security system that meets your needs will be complicated. It’s important to have a secure home, but you also want to keep your pets in mind. You don’t want to ...
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  • Sales of Home Security Systems Increase During Coronavirus Pandemic
    The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt our economy significantly as all non-essential businesses have been shut down. Some businesses, however, have actually seen increased sales because of the pandemic. One such example of this is the increase in sales of home ...
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  • Senior Safety Tips
    No matter who you are, home security is important. This is especially true, though, if you are a senior. Elderly homeowners may be more vulnerable to home burglaries and attacks. They are often seen as easier prey and targeted by ...
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  • How Many Home Security Cameras Are Necessary?
    When it comes to home security, you can never be too cautious. It’s essential that you protect your home. Security cameras thwart 67% of burglaries. Unfortunately, however, only about 9% of homes have them installed. So how many security cameras ...
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  • Winter Safety Tips
    We are now in the middle of winter, and as we go into 2020, there is a lot to think about regarding safety for your loved ones and your home throughout this season. Temperatures are falling, and we all need ...
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  • What Happens to My Security System After Moving?
    Moving to a new house can be stressful, and it’s definitely a major change for you and your family. Throughout this process, many people may be asking themselves, “what happens to my security system after moving?”. Basically, a simple answer is that you ...
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  • 3 Qualities that Attract Burglars
    Now is the time to invest in a security system for your business if you haven’t already. In 2017, one third of all burglaries were committed on businesses, according to the FBI. Security is important for all businesses. However, some ...
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  • How Often Do I Need to Test My Home Security?
    Typically, people want to avoid the sound of alarm systems. They can cause panic, be loud, and generally be annoying. However, it’s important to periodically test your home security system so that they won’t fail you when you need them ...
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