4 Common Home Security Mistakes

We’re all human. No one’s perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. These have become everyday sayings that we constantly have to remind ourselves of. 

So you forget to put deodorant on or you accidentally leave behind the milk at the grocery store or you make a typo in that email to your boss. These are all annoying, but nothing that bad will happen as a result of these mistakes. 

Making a home security mistake, however, can put you in serious danger. It’s important to be hyperaware of the mistakes that are commonly made with home security so you can avoid them. Here are four mistakes that we often see. 

1. Forgetting the Credentials to Your Home Security System

There are so many login credentials we have to keep up with these days, and it’s easy to see how you could easily forget these. This is a common occurrence.

If you forget your credentials, it can not only obstruct or prevent professional system maintenance, but it can also prevent you from using safety features and remote capabilities.

One way you can avoid this is to use a password manager. You can also create a document on your phone that has your credentials written down. 

2. Not Maintaining Your Security System

Security equipment needs to be checked once a year by a professional. Professional maintenance can help you to prevent causing damage to your security system. And a security technician will be able to make a much more specific diagnosis of your system. 

You may think certain tasks–like checking the battery–are simple enough, but it’s better to just leave it to the professionals. You don’t want to accidentally damage a sensor.

3. Leaving Your Residence Without Arming the System

You would be surprised how many people forget to turn the alarms on when they leave or go to bed for the night. Break-ins can be prevented with a home security system… but only if its armed.

You should make it a habit to activate your system whenever you leave or turn in for the night. 

4. Not Investing in a Complete System

It’s better to have some security than none at all, but it’s much more effective if you have a complete system including alarms, cameras, and other features. 

Cameras are especially important when it comes to home security. It often won’t be enough to press charges against burglars, but if you have footage of the crime taking place, that’s pretty simple proof.

These are just some of the mistakes that we see people commonly making with their home security systems. For more information, have a look at our security systems.

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