Top Ten Valuables Targeted By Thieves

Statistically, crime in Atlanta was three percent lower in 2015 than the previous year. Nationally, there was an estimated $390 million in robbery losses. (Firearms were used in 40.8% of the robberies.) Stolen property losses (including jewelry and electronics) were estimated at $14.3 billion. The good news is, burglaries are decreasing. The better news is, we think it’s because home security systems may now be affordable for everyone, not just the rich and famous.

You already know why it’s important to secure your home against damage and theft. Thieves target specific items because they can re-sell them easier and faster, and you probably have one or more of the top ten valuables targeted by burglars:

  1. Bicycles – 17%
  2. Mobile Phones – 11%
  3. Power tools – 10%
  4. Laptops – 10%
  5. Tablets – 9%
  6. Cameras – 8%
  7. Golf equipment – 7%
  8. Gardening tools – 7%
  9. Audio equipment – 5%
  10. TVs – 3%

What You Can Do

In addition to installing a home security system, there are several things you can do to thwart would-be robbers and/or make your possessions easier to recover. On the same day every year (New Year’s Day, for example), do a walk-through of your home and garage or storage outbuildings. Photograph your appliances, electronics, lawn equipment – all of the valuables targeted by burglars. If your home suffers damage or is robbed, your insurance company (and the police) will appreciate your diligence. Here are some other tips to safeguard your property and possessions:

  • The police recover many stolen bicycles every year, but can’t find the original owners. You can register one or your whole family’s collection of bicycles with the National Bike Registry. Law enforcement throughout the U.S. can access the database and return your stolen property; $10 keeps your bike current for ten years.
  • Be sure the security tracking application is active on your mobile devices (tablets, cellphones, etc.). If your phone is stolen, notify your cellular service provider immediately.
  • You received an X-Box One™, a Kindle Fire®, and a Surface Pro® for the holidays! If you put the boxes on the curb for trash pick-up, you’ve just alerted everyone that drives past that you have new toys in the house. Instead, take the boxes to a public recycling center.
  • Lighting is a terrific deterrent to crime. Put your porch lights and other outside lighting on timers so that they illuminate your yard and home at night.
  • Lock your storage shed. This is another area where a lighted motion-detector or alarm would come in handy.
  • Keep your receipts in a drawer or place them separate from purchased items. Shred other receipts before you toss them into the trash.

24/7 Affordable Security

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The Actio Advantage

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