Tips to Decrease Your Chances of a Burglary

Shield Home from Burglars

In these times of insecurity it seems that more and more people are in need of physical security in their homes. Security systems are becoming very advanced in protecting people every day from home invasion and other types of robbery attempts on their property.

There are many ways to secure your home just using common sense methods in addition to having a good security system. These sensible things make it harder for thieves to break in making them good deterrents to protect your property. It may seem elementary but the first protection needed is locks on all doors and windows in your home.

Lock your home

This is very important because a thief wants to be in and out of a home quickly and seamlessly. Start with good sturdy locks all around your home. Here are some additional tips to help in more detail. Lock all the doors, windows and openings to your home for the best start to a more secure home.

Do Not Trust Your Security with Strangers

Do not trust your house keys with neighbors unless they are trustworthy. Even long time neighbors can take advantage of a vacation if you are not well acquainted with them. Only trust your house keys with people you know you can trust.

Protect Your Valuables from the Start

If you make an expensive purchase do not leave the boxes by the curb for the trash as usual. This can serve as a sign to thieves that you have what they want in your home. Be sure to break down all boxes and trash and put them into trash bags for security.

 Protect Your Home on Vacation

Be sure that your home is not left unattended while you are on vacation. Have a friend pick up mail and turn on lights on different days while you are away. Thieves watch to pick a target so the best security is to make sure nothing seems to advertise the fact that you are away from home on vacation. Be careful not to let people know on social media that you are away from home. This can be an invitation to rob your home while you are gone especially if you are on a public server and using social media. Thieves watch for these opportunities so beware.

Invest in a Safe

Investing in a safe is a great idea for your irreplaceable valuables. Find a place that only you and your family know about to keep important papers and valuables locked away. Have a good safe installed in your home for added protection to your security systems.

Invest in Total Security with a Home Security System

Security Systems are now more advanced than ever with indoor and outdoor cameras, covert video systems and digital recording. Digital recording even interacts with the internet so you can be completely on top of your own monitoring with your internet connection. Remote access can give you a secure view of your home anywhere you go including on vacation for added protection in your system. Actio Security has the perfect models to choose from to add the finishing touches to a completely secure home. Keep your home and family safer with security systems from Actio Security.

The Actio Advantage

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