Security Tips for the Holiday Season

When traveling for the holidays, home safety is an absolute must. As holiday travel can cause you to be away from home for long periods time, protection from burglars requires planning and foresight on your part. The following five tips will help keep your home secure and protected this holiday season.

Five Home Security Tips for the Holiday Season

  1. Be Careful When Sharing Information: social media postings can put you at risk. Many burglars watch social media for people who publicly announce the time and date that they will be out of town. Never post your vacation plans or travel schedule as this can make you a target for theft.
  2. Reroute Packaging: many burglars take advantage of the increased package shipments that occur during the holiday season. If you have expected deliveries that could occur when you are away, have these shipments held by the carrier. Many shipping companies will instead send a package to a local store for later pickup at your request. Rerouting shipments to a different address is also an option with certain carriers depending on the shipment.
  3. Make Use Of Lighting: by keeping your home’s lighting on while you are away you can easily deter thieves by making them think someone is home. There are many different ways you can control your home’s lighting despite not being physically there. By using dimmers and timed controllers you can have your lights turn on at off at specific times that mimic your normal daily activities. Also, many advanced lighting control systems (or home security systems) allow you to control your home lights via a smartphone app no matter where you are.
  4. Ask Someone To Watch Your Home: if you’re going to be away for an extended period of time ask a close friend or someone from the neighborhood to keep an eye on your house. By having someone collect newspaper subscriptions, mail, and packages you prevent signs that no one is home. Burglars often look for homes that have multiple newspapers in front of the home or overly filled mailboxes as this is a sure sign nobody’s there. In addition to picking up deliveries, your neighbor can also make sure that nothing is out of place and contact the authorities if anything strange does occur.
  5. Check The Locks: when securing your home don’t overlook the basics. Before leaving check your home’s doors and windows to make sure their locks are still functional. Also, look for any structural damage (such as broken window panes) that would make breaking in easier. Before leaving, also check your doors and windows to make sure you didn’t forget to lock them and activate your home security system and any motion detection sensors if you have them.


The holidays are a joyous time but it’s important to stay safe. By keeping the above tips in mind you can enjoy your holidays without having to worry about the safety of your home.

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