No Phone Line? No Problem

Can I get home security without a landline? Is my home still protected if burglars cut or destroy the landline? These are some of the most common security questions we get from our customers today. Consumers are increasingly cutting their landline service to go fully mobile, but are worried whether their homes can be adequately secured without a landline connection.

icon of traditional phone with a line through itThe short answer is YES. Even without a landline, your home can still be secured. In fact, it’s much easier than you might think. We now offer standalone wireless security that is a full-service solution – not simply a complementary security strategy. This mean you can now have 24/7 home monitoring without the need for or extra expense of acquiring a home phone.

As more families choose to invest in mobile phones instead of home phones, a move spurred by increased adoption of technology and the need to cut costs, security firms have had to evolve. Though initially designed to complement wired security systems, particularly in the event of a blackout or phone outage, 100% wireless security solutions are now available.

How It Works

Wireless security allows home security systems to communicate with monitoring stations even in the absence of a phone line. The connection is maintained through the use of cell towers in the vicinity of your home. Alternatively, a cellular transmitter can be installed on your property.

Cellular communications are more direct: signals can be transmitted to the central station operators faster than with a landline. That means that if there is a problem at your home and an alarm is sounded, the signal will reach our team even faster than if you used a home phone. Cellular systems provide a direct link for alarm signals to be transmitted to the central station. This allows us to respond faster – exactly what you want as a home owner.

It is important to note that the experience remains exactly the same. You don’t have to worry about the wireless system getting compromised or factors like severe weather affecting transmission of signals. Our work includes priming these systems to ensure that even in heavy rain or and snow, signals sent from your alarm reach our central station promptly.  Once a signal is received, we will assess the situation just like we do with all other signals and alert relevant authorities as necessary.

Advantages of cellular monitoring

Cellular home monitoring is another innovation that makes the daily lives of homeowners safer and easier. Some of the benefits of this new technology include:

-Enhanced reliability The threat of severed phone lines was one that left homeowners panicking, a fear wireless systems completely eliminate.
-Smart tech With cellular security, wireless systems can be easily controlled from just about anywhere using apps for mobile phones, tablets and laptops.
-Reduced home security costs Just by eliminating the home phone alone, you’re likely to save up to $70 per month in landline bills. Additionally, cellular systems can be served remotely which further reduces costs.

Make the Switch Today

Now that you know everything about cellular monitoring, why not make the switch today? Actio Security has been securing homes in the Atlanta, GA area for over 45 years. For more information, contact us today!

The Actio Advantage

  • Rates start at $18 per month with no long term contracts.
  • We use non-proprietary systems so you are not locked into our services.
  • Home telephone connection not needed with our wireless monitoring services.
  • When you call us you will talk to a real person. We do not use automated automated call or voicemail systems.
  • We've serviced the Atlanta area for over 45 years, with three generations of history.
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