Installing a Home Security System – Wired or Wireless?

Preventing a burglaryOne of the best decisions you can make with regard to the safety of your home or business is to initiate a security system installation. Nothing provides peace of mind like the knowledge that your home is being monitored every minute of every day against the possibility of a burglar break-in or some other kind of intrusion. Even if you and your family are on vacation, far from the possibility of break-in harm, you’ll feel much better knowing that the premises back home are secure from invasion in your absence.

But now that you’ve decided to install a home security system – what kind of system do you want to have installed? Should it be hard-wired or wireless? There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and depending on how these affect you personally, it should be fairly easy to choose one methodology over the other. This discussion will consider some of the benefits and drawbacks of both systems to help you make an informed decision.

Wired systems

Security systems that are hard-wired typically cost less to install and less to maintain, partly because the cost of needed equipment is relatively lower than wireless. Hard-wired systems are also run on power from standard A/C wall outlets, which means they do not require batteries and are never in need of battery changes. One of the disadvantages of a hard-wired system is that it must be installed by a professional security contractor, because of the wiring which must be done. Also, if your family relocates to another home, you will most likely have to leave the hard-wired system in place at the old house.

Wireless systems

By contrast, wireless systems are very easy to install, so if you are even moderately handy around the house, you can probably do it yourself. Having no hard wiring, this kind of system is very easy to take with you when you have to relocate to a new home. A minor disadvantage to wireless systems is that they must run on battery power, which means those batteries must be changed periodically, even though they will probably last several years. The cost of wireless equipment is also somewhat greater than for a wired system, so the installation of a wireless system will cost more, even without hiring a professional to do it.

Common to both systems

To get the most out of your wired or wireless security system, you should give some thought to networked monitoring, which ties together all your installed security devices like cameras, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, etc. You can even configure your personal security network to be managed from your smart phone, so that you can remotely monitor cameras and evaluate security threats.

One of the best preventive measures you can take for your safety’s sake is thinking like a burglar, i.e. seeing your home or business as a burglar would, and taking steps to safeguard weaknesses or vulnerabilities. In this same vein, whenever you are away from home or the office, one great way to maintain safety is by observing a home security checklist.

Get the ball rolling

Whichever kind of system you think best fits the needs of your home or business, the best way to start the process is to contact Actio Security. With more than 45 years in the home security business, and an excellent reputation for professionalism, Actio Security should be the name that comes to mind first.

The Actio Advantage

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