When To Implement Medical Alarm Monitoring

Atlanta medical alarm monitoring systems aren’t just for the elderly. On the contrary, this personal emergency response system may help anyone in a medical or non-medical emergency.

What are the Components of the System?

In most cases, these systems are limited to home use only or with medical devices that you have to carry with you wherever you go. In general, a medical alert system comprises of;

  • A base station: The epicenter of the system that connects to service providers via cellular network or landline.
  • A medical alert device: The device pairs with the base station and you carry it with you at all times; popular choices include necklaces, wristbands or pendants.
  • A call center: Once you activate the help button, the base station alerts the call center. An operator pulls up your file and calls you through the base station’s speakers and microphone. In case of an emergency, the operator sends emergency responders to your home.
  • Emergency contacts: A list of people the center can call in case you are taken to a hospital or require assistance in non-medical situations.

When Should You Implement a Medical Alarm Monitoring System?

Many people are not aware of the importance a medical alarm monitoring system or device may play in their lives. If you fall in this category, the following list should help you establish whether you need the system in your home:

1. If you live alone

In case you are alone and something unexpected occurs to you, who makes the call when you can’t? The system helps the elderly individual while encouraging independence and allows family to keep close tabs. However, your grandpa is not the only beneficially of the system.

Accidents can occur at any time, and it’s always better if you have help within easy reach. Migraine attacks, severe stomach pain or even a high fever can render you immobile; in such instances, you can use the medical alert device to seek assistance to get to a hospital or call a family member to come over. While independence is great, remember that no one is an island – you’ll need assistance from others occasionally.

2. If you have an existing medical condition

Constantly unstable blood sugar levels or diabetes may require you to get a medical alert device for assistance during emergencies. Individuals that have also undergone a surgical procedure will also benefit from the system. In addition, certain medications like blood pressure medicines and anti-histamines tend to feature debilitating side effects like loss of balance and light-headedness. If you ever find yourself in one or more of these situations, you will need access to quick help at all times.

3. If you want extra protection

Apart from medical emergencies, implementing a medical alarm monitoring system in your home will also provide you with security since you can add it as an extra layer to your home’s existing security system. Once a signal is relayed to a monitoring station, the proper authorities can easily reach you and assess your situation. Plus, this kind of security system can also send you notifications in case any sensors in your home are tripped, especially for self-monitored home security systems.


Medical alarm monitoring systems do more than just monitor your safety and health. They also provide you with peace of mind, making you feel more secured. However, the most important aspect is that the system can help in saving lives.

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