Home Security Tips for Frequent Travelers

For frequent travelers, keeping your home and possessions safe is a serious concern. Most home robberies occur when no one is home. If you are frequently away from home this can make your residence a target for local burglars. In addition to having a home security system, the following five tips can also help keep your home safe from theft when you are away.

  1. Don’t Announce Travel Plans: many people announce their vacation plans on social media platforms. This is a bad idea as it advertises that your home will be empty and easy to rob to potential burgers. Remember not all social media is private and many of your postings can be viewed by anyone who visits the site. Keeping your travel plans private is one way to increase your safety.
  2. Have A Trusted Friend, Relative Or Neighbor Check On Your Home While You’re Out: if you are planning to be gone for a long period of time, have someone you trust check in on your home every few days. This serves two purposes. One, they can collect any unexpected mail or packages you receive and two, they can enter your home to ensure everything is as expected and report to you if it is not. If a home looks lived in (mail is being collected and people are entering and exiting the home) burglars are also less likely to attempt to break in.
  3. Monitor Your Home: many home security systems also offer monitoring features you can use via the internet or a smartphone app. This lets you routinely check on your home to see if the alarm has been set off or any unusual activity reported. By keeping tabs on your alarm system you can report any abnormalities to your security provider who in turn can contact the local authorities. Regular monitoring provides peace of mind as it keeps you aware of what’s going on even if its nothing.
  4. Put Mail And Deliveries On Hold: a stack of newspapers by your front door or an overstuffed mailbox is a clear sign that nobody is home. By placing delivers on hold and having the post office hold your mail, you keep your home from standing out. A home with several packages by the front door catches the attention of most people and to a burglar, it informs them of a potential target.
  5. Keep Your House Lit During The Night: one of the easiest ways to imply that your home is not empty is by having the lights on at night. The old trick of leaving the lights and TV on when you go on vacation still applies but is a lot easier to control (and more lifelike) due to technology. Set your home’s lighting on a timer that turns it on and off at specific times of the day. Also, if you have a more advanced lighting system many of those include an app where you can control your lighting via smartphone in real time no matter where you are.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your home safe when you’re away requires more than just setting your alarm and locking the doors. The above five tips help reduce the chances of a robbery and keep you informed in case anything unusual does occur.

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