Home Alone: Back-To-School Security Tips

One of the most challenging things about being a working parent is ensuring your kids’ after school safety. Where does your child go after getting out of school before you get home from work and is he/she safe? Although there are more ways to keep tabs of your kids, such as Smartphone apps, many parents would rather rely on old-fashioned techniques like communication and trust.

Here are some security tips that will ensure safety:

Set Up Security Cameras

If you want to ensure that your kids are actually home after school, you need to install security cameras that will allow you to view the live feed on your phone. Moreover, you should look into cameras with motion detection, which will alert you as soon as your kids get home. If you want to install cameras both indoors and outdoors, you should get in touch with a security company that offers these services.

Hide the Spare Key in a Safe Place

The last thing you want as a parent is to have your kids stuck outside until you get home. In case your kids lose their keys or forget them at home, you should find a good place to hide your spare key. Make sure that you put it in a place where burglars cannot find it.

If you do not want to deal with the stress of hiding spare keys, you should think about installing smart locks. This way, your children will be able to unlock the door using a digital keypad on their phones. You can also set the smart locks on a schedule, which means that you can make them unlock at any particular time: just make sure that your kids are home when this happens to prevent burglaries.

This smart lock technology will also make it easier to keep your house locked even if your kids forget to lock it.

Set Security System to ‘Stay Mode’

In every security system, there are different arming modes. When your children are home, make sure that the system is set to stay mode. This mode allows all the doors that you use to enter and exit your home to have a delay. Moreover, the motion sensor will be off to avoid setting off the alarm as your kids move around the house.

Teach Your Kids How to Answer the Door Safely

If your children are home alone and a stranger knocks on the door or calls, they need to know how to be safe. You should teach them to follow a plan that will ensure their safety. The plan that you set depends on a number of things: how old is your child? Do you have a trustworthy neighbor who is willing to help?

When a stranger calls your home, you should teach your kids to check the caller ID. If the number is unknown, tell them not to answer and let the call go to the answering machine. When a stranger knocks on your door, they should first make sure that it is locked before informing you.

If one of your friends comes to your house in case of an emergency, you should decide on a password ahead of time. When the person gets to the door, he or she should tell your kids the password before they open the door. You can opt for smart cameras near your front or back door to allow your kids to see who is at the door without opening it.

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