Effective & Efficient: Wireless Home Security Systems

The past decade has seen some significant advances in the world of wireless technology. Nowhere has this change been more advantageous than in that of home security services. No longer needing to be hard-wired through a house, the latest security systems are far easier to install making them both more affordable and more reliable.home alarm system installation technician

The Switch to Wireless

Traditional “wired” home security systems often took days to properly install. In addition, the wiring was subject to a wide variety of mishaps including weather, animals as well as general disrepair as time wore on. Today’s wireless home security systems suffer from far fewer of these past faults and any new problems that do develop are far more easily identified and fixed than in a wired system. Additionally, the aesthetics of your home are far less impacted by a wireless system. There are no holes drilled in walls nor unsightly wires running around the periphery of your home.

Instead, cameras, sensors and the main router can all be installed in discreet places where they are not even noticed by the casual observer. Wireless systems are also much easier to upgrade – that is, you can add extra sensors and detectors – if you identify a flaw in your overall security plan. In short, wireless systems provide greater security at a far more affordable price than older, wired systems.

The Latest Features

It is truly amazing what the latest wireless home security technology can provide in the way of security, and peace of mind, to a homeowner. First, they are incredibly energy-efficient and offer online integration that lets the homeowner control them from anywhere that they have an Internet connection.

No more running back home if you forget to set the alarm. Just dial up the system with your cell phone and set it to active. Similarly, with the right hardware and software, you can remotely allow people into your home even if you are physically thousands of miles from home. Finally, mobile alerts keep you abreast of the ongoing status of the system or any suspicious activity in your home.

Modern wireless systems are also easy to maintain as they will they monitor their own “health,” so to speak. They will let you know if the batteries are running low or if a sensor is faulty. The point here being that a homeowner should need never worry about whether their property and family is being adequately protected.

 A Final Note

Anyone considering a home security system must recognize that a wireless system is the best way to go. Otherwise, you will be dealing with outdated technology and just pouring your money down the drain. A superior wireless system is an investment in your home not just from a security standpoint but also from a financial one. Trust an experienced professional like us at Actio Security to help you find the right home security system to meet your needs and budget. Contact us today for your next security system consultation!


The Actio Advantage

  • Rates start at $18 per month with no long term contracts.
  • We use non-proprietary systems so you are not locked into our services.
  • Home telephone connection not needed with our wireless monitoring services.
  • When you call us you will talk to a real person. We do not use automated automated call or voicemail systems.
  • We've serviced the Atlanta area for over 45 years, with three generations of history.
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