How a Burglar Will Break Into Your Home

A burglar trying to get into a house by the backdoorKnowing how a burglar can break into your home can help protect your family and your belongings from an intruder. With burglar alarm monitoring, you can get the police to your home within minutes if an intruder does happen to make it into your house. Some of the most common ways burglars break into homes are:

Walking Through an Unlocked Door

An unlocked door represents the easiest way for a burglar to gain entry to your home. Whether you are leaving it unlocked for a reason, or you forgot to lock it, the front door is the most popular place for break-ins to occur. By having a security system installed that uses a contact point on the door, you can protect yourself against a burglar walking in your main door any time.

While your front door is a popular choice for burglars, be sure that any other exterior doors are protected as well. This means not having thick shrubbery right next to the door, and installing high quality locks and security system contact points.

Breaking or Opening a Window

Windows are a weak point that burglars will exploit if they cannot gain access through a door. Most of the time, windows are kept locked, making it harder for a burglar to slide it open and get into your home. Unfortunately, what will often happen is the burglar will break the window to access the window locks, or completely smash it to gain access.

Sensors that measure when a window is opened or when glass is shattered can trigger a burglar alarm. By having these installed on easily accessible windows, you will decrease the chances of a burglar trying to get in, and if they do try, they will certainly set off your security system.

Forcing Open a Door

In areas that are well-hidden from public view, a burglar may attempt to break down a door. Generally, this is only done if there is no easier way to get into the house, and if they think that nobody is at home. The contact sensors that exist on the door will trigger the alarm immediately if a burglar is successful at forcing a door open, or breaking it down.

A burglar going through the trouble of forcing their way into your home, if no easier way in exists, is an extreme danger to anyone in the home, and requires an immediate police response. An audible alarm can scare a burglar off before they steal anything or hurt anybody.

Using Emergency Exits

Newer houses have emergency exits built into basement walls to use in case of a fire. A big mistake that some homeowners make is to not properly secure the access point to these exits. Putting window contacts or glass sensors on an emergency exit can secure a vulnerable area in your home, and make it far less likely that a burglar would try to use it in order to break in to your home.

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