Benefits of A Modern Alarm Monitoring Solution

Summer means different things to different people. More vacation time, afternoon swimming and fireworks for some, and a less innocent form of opportunism for others.

There’s something about the summer season that causes an uptick in larceny and other forms of residential and commercial crime. In fact, Atlanta shows some of the highest rates of property crime in the nationHome insurance design

Your Personal Security System 

Having said all that, there is one way to keep criminals in check: transparency. Installing a modern alarm monitoring solution on your property keeps you one step ahead of criminals and provides you with ongoing alerts straight to your email.

The ability to keep ongoing tabs on the comings and goings at your home or business site is very advantageous. You’ll be able to monitor your home or office 24 hours a day and have access to six security cameras at once.

Business owners can periodically check up on sales associates and homeowners can keep tabs on babysitters and nannies without any fuss. Sometimes just the sight of a camera is enough to deter acts of theft.

That said, if your place of business has a history of theft, either from customers or employees, then Actio Security can come in and install a burglar alarm system.

Summer Security Tips 

In the same way that security at commercial properties is all about transparency, homeowners can benefit from a few tips to increase their vigilance and lower the chances of a break-in or property damage.

Create a Barrier 

Putting up, or mending, a fence around your home is a great way to deter a break-in. How? A fence actually does two things – it denies potential burglars a clear view of your home and, secondly, a fence makes it more difficult for a burglar to get onto your property.

The fact that a fence makes it more difficult for a burglar to do damage owes a lot to the fact that erecting a fence makes your home far from a low-handing fruit. A burglar will take one look at your fence and decide breaking in is A) too dangerous or B) too time consuming. You win either way.

Use Mother Nature 

A lot of home security experts talk about the benefits of having thorny hedges around your home. The idea is that a burglar who makes it up to your property will be less enthusiastic about, say, climbing into your window if s/he has to trudge through thorny bushes to get there.

You can think of thorny hedges as nature’s concertina wire protecting your home. Another trick to deter urban crime is to actually prune hedges directly in front of your home so that you can keep an eye on everything while also lending potential bad guys the sense that they’re being watched.

Since Georgia is still one of the top-ten states in terms of property crime, you need to protect yourself any way you can.

Lights, Camera, Ac…Security! 

Getting everyone in your family into the habit of using locks on windows and doors, or installing locks if you don’t have very secure ones yet, is a good step to take to drive down home break-ins.

As simple as it sounds, burglars will often simply wiggle the door handle to see if this will be an easy job or not. Your goal is to make your home an inhospitable target. In this vein, you might also want to install lights around your home’s major points of entry.

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The Actio Advantage

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  • Home telephone connection not needed with our wireless monitoring services.
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