The Benefits of Cellular Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring systems will always give the property owner an upper hand. They are the never sleeping sentry who will keep a keen eye on your property regardless if someone is home or not. The added security layer will not only be a psychological deterrent to intruders but also a great first line of defense. This gets even better if you are running a cellular alarm monitoring system that directly communicates to an emergency response center.

Cellular alarm monitoring is among the most versatile solutions you could ever deploy, especially if you do not have the internet or phone line infrastructure needed to offer alternative communication. A cell phone monitoring system will use regular mobile phone network for communication purposes. The fact that cellular network coverage is so wide and almost seamless makes it possible to deploy such networks almost anywhere in the states.

Cellular Alarm Monitoring Benefits

The benefits revolve around the fact that the system will piggy back on an existing robust infrastructure. This leads to notable advantages like:

Lower Infrastructure Investments

Traditionally, alarm monitoring systems needed a telephone line or a broadband connection. While this might be easy to get for urban homes, holiday cabins, farm houses or company warehouses, a remote area might not have the infrastructure in place. A cell phone monitoring system saves you the pain of having to invest in this infrastructure by giving you a communication module that will simply tap into the existing cellular network.

No Wires to Cut

The most iconic way to disable an alarm system was by cutting a wire. While this might still take out cable connected sensors, it will not limit the system’s ability to transmit suspicious activity to the control center since very few burglars will have the tools and tech needed to sever a cellular network connection.

Even though cellular jamming is common, modern day systems invest heavily in anti-jamming hardware and algorithms making it even hard to induce a system downtime.

Versatility by Using Multiple Carriers

Any region will have access to more than one cellular network carriers operating at a go. This offers some form of redundancy especially if your cell phone monitoring system is configured to choose the best from a number of carriers. Your system will remain up and running even when the carriers are under heavy load or when a specific carrier’s infrastructure is experiencing a malfunction.

Improved Security and Anti Hacking Technology

Cellular carriers invest billions in network and infrastructure security in a continuous effort to keep their ever-expanding smartphone user customer base satisfied. The network will almost always be running the latest security patches and state of the art hardware that makes it harder to crack. Couple this with the fact that your cell phone monitoring system data will be part of a heavy traffic system and you get a system that needs a lot of hard work to bring down.

If a cellular alarm monitoring system keeps off normal HTTP communication, it will be using a communication channel that is frequently ignored by hackers and enjoys a relative security calm.

While relying on establish cellular carriers is the one biggest strength of cellular alarm monitoring, many argue that putting so much trust on a third-party company could be detrimental. If you are concerned about this, you could opt for a hybrid system that not only taps into multiple carrier networks but can also fall back to a telephone line or a cable internet connection to stay online in case a catastrophe or heavy network load bogs down cellular connections.

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