2015 Home Security Trends

Home security is more vital now than ever, and advances in what constitutes a “home security system” have changed immensely from the few basic, discontinuous alarm systems of the past. 2015 is all about automation, integration and networking – both locally and through long range communication. Before you go through with any security system installation, consider all of the options and consult a professional.

The Smart Home

home automation concept: young woman with smart home control app at the parkThere seems to be no limit to the types or sizes of devices that receive electronics these days. A door can report on whether it is locked or open. Alarms like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors, and water level indicators can communicate with each other and the system to create an accurate picture of safety on a second to second basis. Even more mundane household functions like the thermostat, lighting, and nearly anything that has a digital or motorized component can be wired into the system.

The downside to the trend towards intelligent devices in the home is that the threat of cyber intrusion becomes a physical security concern. Smart home upgrades are intrinsically linked with security systems, and you should rely on professional security system installation services to mitigate potential threats.

The Power of the Network

Just as it does in humans, networking provides options for sharing information, gaining new insights, and generally increasing the maximum potential of a security system. The internet is typically the first network that comes to mind, but wired and wireless Local Area Networks (LANs) also serve the smart and secure home. If you like your neighbors, it’s even possible to network with their security to provide a wider net of coverage.

One of the most notable benefits of a networked security system is access to live video streams and much greater storage volume for cameras. Wherever you are, a networked camera will allow you to check on your home, and Cloud storage of video keeps the cost of maintaining a backlog much more palatable.

By networking your devices, they can continue their integrated monitoring even when phone, Internet, or other long range communications are down. The capability can be especially handy if you have a local storage device that can host the security camera recordings while the internet is down, allowing you to upload the data to the Cloud once service is restored.

In the Palm of Your Hand

With all of the remote capabilities becoming available, it only makes sense to give you the ability to do so with the device you are most likely to have on hand at all times: the smartphone. A LAN, the internet and phone services can relay information to you through a security app. This allows you to take on the role of the system’s human monitor when you choose, giving you real-time control over your security.  When the burglar alarm goes off and the security camera feed shows that it’s just a teenager trying to sneak home from a night out, you can opt to not send an alert to the police and deliver punishment yourself.

Self-monitoring systems will typically default to the security provider’s assessment if you are unreachable or do not respond quickly to a situation.

Don’t Wait Until You Need It

A properly configured home security system in the Information Age is leagues beyond anything seen in the past. It provides you with the solace of complete awareness of your home, and the impact on insurance costs makes it difficult to justify neglecting one due to pricing. Contact a security systems installation specialist as soon as possible.


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